• Chicago PD

    What happend to Antonio

    We all know that Jon will not coming back for the new season of Chicago PD. BUT we all worried what happend to Antonio.Now Rick Eid’s give us this statement that the Intelligence Unit will „ultimately“ figure out „what’s going on“. I mean, going on… would mean he is not dead…. Right?

  • Allgemein

    „I like it like that“ – New York Latino Film Festival

    Last week, the New York Latino Film Festival took place in New York. Also present were the stars of „I LIKE IT LIKE THAT“. The film premiered 25 years ago and the cast have met again for the first time since filming the movie. The joy of the meeting was huge and we collected some pictures and videos for you.…

  • Allgemein

    Congratulations, Jon!

    Congratulations, Jon! You really deserve this prize. For me it would have been an Emmy this year. The acting performance in the last season was outstanding. Not many actors can express their feelings with their eyes as you as you have shown this year in CPD. Absolutely incomprehensible to let such an actor go! Take the chance and soon it…

  • Allgemein

    „The Pacific“ – Week

    I want to show you some of Jon´s projects. So I made movie/series – weeks.This week is all about „The Pacific“ – a mini series produced by HBO, Playtone, and DreamWorks. Directed by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. We post a few pictures, quotes, trailer, interviews and more…