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  • What happend to Antonio

    We all know that Jon will not coming back for the new season of Chicago PD. BUT we all worried what happend to Antonio.Now Rick Eid’s give us this statement that the Intelligence Unit will „ultimately“ figure out „what’s going…

  • Give Jon Seda an Emmys 2019!!

    The performance is phenomenal! His eye, his face, his emotions – incredible! Not many actors can bring you all this feelings!If anyone isn’t sure that this man deserves an Emmy – watch the last @NBCChicagoPD episode!  Incredible!! Phenomenal!! Outstanding!! Sedatastic!!

  • Actor of the week: Jon Seda

    Okay, this performance was incredible. Jon always rocks it, but this week was just outstanding. So only one actor can be our actor of the week this time. THANK YOU, JON! Cannot wait to see more from you! You rock…