I am doing it again!

I make a big video for Jon, for his birthday. And I want YOU all to join.

Please, send your birthday-wishes for Jon to me and I add you into the video and send it to him.
Let´s make it the biggest, longest, video he ever get.

So if you want to join:

  • Send a video
  • Send a pictures (you must own the copyright of it!!!)
  • Send a message with your wishes.

Please, don´t send:

  • Don´t send „I love you“, „Will you marry me?“, „I want a kid from you!“ – Messages, I won´t add this ones!
  • Don´t send other pages please. 😉
  • Don´t use pictures you don´t own or you don´t have the permission to use!

Share it with other fans of ChicagoPD, OneChicago and Jon Seda!!!

Last date to join: October 10!!!

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